About the Inner Peace Lounge

The picture above is that from an old insurance calendar of the 1950’s.  I saved the picture, or the remnants of it.  It’s a reminder of my late mom.  Despite her modest income, she believed in insurance, and bought us all policies, and despite the turmoil of the 60’s and 70’s. we all made it until adulthood and buying our own policies.  BTW, she had to cash them out for more urgent needs.

About this site: I hope that this site is like when the elevator door closes behind you and for a minute everything seems quieter.

I feature videos from nature, white noise, electronica, and relaxing music, I have virtual tours as well, for those who want to go on vacation but can’t really go now.  Spend time in another place of beauty far, far, way, whether it’s looking at places you wanted to go to (but now can’t), or in the mental spaces where beauty lies.

Many of these videos are the creations  of so many people whose patience and willingness to risk has brought you so much beauty.  Please click through the links and give them whatever support you can.

If you want to support me, please click on the Paypal (Author Support Fund).  Pays for hosting, gummies, and hopefully keeps the need for ads on this site  down to minimal.  And if enough people support me, maybe I can do without ads altogether.

About me. I’ll add more about myself later, either here or on the main blog. For now, I will say I have reached the age where I now have the challenge of filling endless seas of time. No kids (mixed blessing) which is why I have the endless seas of time. Even retired, I would sort of work on this 3 year old site (and I had this sort of arrangement elsewhere until I gave up working with html and decided that WordPress was the way to go). But no more casual trips to the store (thanks Trump), made me finally sit down and work on this site (this blog is a subblog).

By the way there are lots and lots of cats.

So  welcome, feel free to stay on this site as long as you like. While the pace here will be somewhat leisurely, I hope that you will find that the videos and articles here bring you peace, joy, and rest.  And now to the rest of the blog:

Earth: Mountains, caves, hills, valleys, paths

Air: Wind, breezes, clouds, mists and so much more

Fire: Sunrise, sunset, candles, fireplaces, sunlight, stoves, lights (electric and otherwise)

Water: (rivers, lakes, beaches, running water, snow, et cetera

Terra:  The World of Music

Ceres: The potions and foody side of relaxation.  Herbal remedies, relaxing apps, exercises, books to read, whatever helps you rest.

The Whitehouse Blog-My political and civics blog. To the left but hopefully informative.

The Townsquare Blog-Also called Higher Ground as well. Astrology and perhaps some other things as well.

The Main Blog-Anything else I would like to share.

So welcome here.