Walk By The Sea

October 2, 2017 | By CarolDuhart2 | Filed in: Uncategorized.

I’ve never been to the coastline, but I still find the sound of ocean waves relaxing and healing. So walk along the beach with me (virtual), pick up the shells from the beach and driftwood, hear the gulls cry and look out over the endless horizon.


Now a few notes about this blog. First of all, none of these videos are mine. So special thanks goes out to those who have the equipment, endurance and patience to make them. Secondly, you may have noticed how long these videos are and wonder how you can listen to them all day. Simply leave the video up and open another tab.

Coming improvement: links, links, links. links to where you can download, radio staions, nature defense and preservation societies and much more.

I’ve found working on this site quite soothing. Despite the outer turmoil of the world outside, there are moments when the sounds take me to a place where all is calm, all is right.

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