The Soothing Qualities of Lights-Stars and Candles

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Look At The Stars, Look at the Light…..

The Milky Way Over The Desert

I also remember when the Natural History Museum got a million dollar renovation for their planetarium and my class went there for a field trip. Looking up at the stars, feeling like I was drawn upwards into the galaxies, as if I was in a middle of a field out in the country looking upward, and feeling very sleepy. For one hour I could pretend I was flying in space and up in the stars. It was midnight and I could see the moon on the other side of the sky. There was a soothing, almost drone-like quality to the voice as it described the various celestial pheonomenon

Only twice since have I ever been in a position where I could just look upward and see the stars-even the faint ones just over the horizon. One was when I was visiting the site of a soon-to-be closed mental hospital in town where there were few street lights allowed. Another was when I was on a retreat and the retreat place was far out of town and except for a few lights in the buildings, it was dark.

Candles…enough said about the soft, flickering light. Hypnotic, a constant focal point for attention that made even the smallest meals seem romantic and exotic. Especially when eating when the power was off after a storm.

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