Calming Herbs and Their Effects on Sleep

March 6, 2017 | By CarolDuhart2 | Filed in: Uncategorized.


Those are the two I’m most familiar with, and know actually work. There’s St John’s Wort and others that I am less familiar with. Both herbs create a mild relaxing effect on the mind and body, and are safe in small doses. However, make sure if you are on medication of any kind, check first for interactions before taking either.

Pot is also considered, in the Indica version, to be calming. But I’ve only smoked it once, decades ago and only got hungry, so I think it was the Sativa version instead.

The results seem to be mixed on this. While most report it helped, some commenters reported bounce back insomnia once they stopped smoking it. This article was written in 2015, so do more research before taking this articles advice. Of course, if you are in a state where it’s not legal, even if you use, you have a good reason that you really can’t sleep at night.

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