The Sounds of Nature (Birds)

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The Sounds of Nature (Birds)

Ever wake up to the sound of singing birds, and felt immediately cheered by the sound? You Tube is like opening up a window on a cool summer morning, just before and just after sunrise, before the traffic ramps up. Perhaps this is a country house, but still, it’s before the tractors have revved up, before the cows have left the barn, before the sound of chores have broken the silence. To those mornings. These YouTube Videos are just a sample of what you could hear by just opening a window in the early morning.

These videos also bring back memories of before DST (Daylight Savings Time)in the summer, when you could first hear bird song at 4:45 am through the open screen windows (ore-air conditioning at home), and when 6am was full sunlight. We also used to have a back screen door (closed), while the heavy main door was open. The reason was to bring in cool night air, and to listen for the milkman deliver bottles of milk at the door. I could sometimes hear the rattle of bottles and the footsteps as he walked up the concrete back stairs.

These days? Background traffic sounds are louder, the trees further away, the need to keep windows closed for the air conditioning and to keep the heat out. Milk comes from the supermarket (unless you belong to a local dairy farm that delivers). 6am DST is too late for leisurely contemplation of bird songs, 10pm too late for evening bird song.

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