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Added more videos to the mix.    I will soon add radio links, ads and fundraising links as well.

Earth: Sounds of the Forest

Leaves crunching under one’s feet, one is also conscious of the silence except for the wind. Nature is going to rest (mostly) for a few months and the summers’s lively sounds are being replaced by a wind whistling through increasingly bare branches. These videos bring back that sound.


Then there’s the sounds of the Summer;  crickets, owls, frogs, and the noise made by living things, animal and vegetable who have to pack a lot of their life in the several weeks when food is plentiful and the weather warm.

Walk By The Sea

I’ve never been to the coastline, but I still find the sound of ocean waves relaxing and healing. So walk along the beach with me (virtual), pick up the shells from the beach and driftwood, hear the gulls cry and look out over the endless horizon.


Now a few notes about this blog. First of all, none of these videos are mine. So special thanks goes out to those who have the equipment, endurance and patience to make them. Secondly, you may have noticed how long these videos are and wonder how you can listen to them all day. Simply leave the video up and open another tab.

Coming improvement: links, links, links. links to where you can download, radio staions, nature defense and preservation societies and much more.

I’ve found working on this site quite soothing. Despite the outer turmoil of the world outside, there are moments when the sounds take me to a place where all is calm, all is right.

Water-Rain and Thunder, Waves and Waterfalls

Listening to the rain hit the pavement at night and the water running down the sidewalk towards the sewers. Thundery summer afternoons listening to the monsoon-like rains washing away the grime of the previous day’s heat. Waves on the shore, the legendary roar of a waterfall.  These are the soothing sounds of water.

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Earth: Not All Soothing Sounds Are Natural

Not all sounds that people go to sleep or relax to are natural. There are those people who fall asleep to the sound of a refrigerator, fan, air conditioner or even some traffic. I remember going to sleep to the sounds of steady slow traffic. I lived for a while right on a very busy street, after being on a side street for several years. And during hot summer days pre-airconditioning the while of a fan was always close by.

The pheonomenon is “white noise”, and there’s something to it. The noise is usually flat, bland, with no beats or movements. The slow drone allows the mind to basically turn itself off and drift away.


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Air: Birds of a Feather

Whether its owls at sunset, bird sounds at dawn, or the eagle’s lonely cry…birds remind us of a world without concrete walls, borders, and of a time when forests covered the world almost unbroken.  For me, birds are early morning music that played before the traffic really started up.  Sometimes I would lie awake in bed, listening at 4 am (Pre DSt) to the first bits of bird song, as the dawn began.. No owls, unfortunately (I was an urban kid), but I could hear crickets and the buzz of fireflies around the old fashioned gas lights.


Relax Around the Warm and Soothing Fire

For some, fire may be strange to consider as a type of relaxing sound. But if you’ve ever sat in front of a fireplace, around the campfire, or next to a hot pellet stove, the contained roar and crinkle and warmth can be very relaxing. Imagine a cold winter night next to a hot old-fashioned stove. The mild scent of burning wood, the warmth you can feel going up from your toes to the scalp.  You turn the lights off, letting the fire provide the light, and for a moment are taken back to the days when this was the only light for a long night.  And you start getting sleepy as you remember that the moment you are in was considered “late night”.

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The Four Elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.


In ancient lore, there were four basic elements: earth, wind, fire and water. While there are a larger table of elements for scientific purposes, people are still moved by the basics. These videos (and accompanying subject matter) are arranged accordingly.


The beautiful, haunting sounds of owls. Owl songs hint of magic and mystery and aloofness.

This is the cry of the Great Horned Owl.

Light of the Moon

Light of the Silvery Moon
Walk through the cool, silver night light of the Moon with me.


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