The Inner Peace Lounge

In this time of Trump-and world-induced stress, serenity seems harder to find. Even with now-mostly-legal pot. Retreating to nature to listen to the relaxing sounds of it-gets more expensive and harder to schedule each year, and further away than ever. So we need an easier solution. This site provides a virtual place to go, without passports and E-Checks and taking off ones shoes.

It used to be that churches and temples nearby sufficed-but between security needs and contentious politics, many are unavailable now. When I would sometimes go to both my old church and older church, there were Wednesday noon meetings for meditation, worship, or simply quietly sitting in the pews watching the candles flicker. Now, it’s closed, buzzers at the door.

What happened between the 1990’s and now? The side effects of the crack epidemic? Falling donations? I remember there was a maze that was erected nearby for spiritual work-and now it’s cracked pavement and weeds. My late mother’s church now looks threadbare with cracked pavement too…

Richmond Rose Window

About a year ago, I was going on a job interview which was near the Unity Church I joined 30 years ago. (I didn’t quit, just that services were too hard to get to on a regular basis). I had fond memories of the friendly bookstore and the noon services I had been able to attend. The church was closed, steps crumbling, and there was plastic on the windows.

So slipping into an empty pew to sit and meditate seems harder now than before. So I guess it will have to be a virtual pew now.

This site features those calming videos you may have run across on Youtube-sleep videos, 8 hour relaxation videos, and much more.

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