Privacy And Comment Policy

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My privacy policy is simple: Generally, I don’t collect your data without request. And when I do, I keep it confidential. However, other apps I use on the site do, and so you use at your own risk. Comments will be saved by Disqus and other services. There’s Paypal and Patreon and others.

Be aware that anything can be read by anyone, and I also have the absolute right to delete and moderate anything on this site, and the other blogs as well if it is in anyway offensive and non-productive.

This is in addition to blocking spam as well. I have a spam blocker so that good comments aren’t blocked by viagara comments or requests for young Russian brides.

Comment policy: Keep it mostly clean and sane. Again, like the Privacy Policy, I have the right (absolute ruler here), To delete comments for any reasonable purpose. I welcome strong arguments, but no violence or hate or anything like that.