About Me

I’ve been a lot of things, and on my other sites I tell you more about what I’ve been. Just say I have had no one career or job all my life-having to just pay the rent does that to you. I have attended three colleges-one online for a minute. Probably 4-5 jobs, not including what I have done as a temp. Finally found love in my life-3 cats (literal ones). Currently owned by a 16 year old one who eats like a whale-another reason to ask for donations. Keep her in wet food (she won’t eat dry).

Retirement has been both a surprise and a shock. The shock is that I actually can do it-not much money between SS and my pension, but that I, despite my mistakes, actually ended up with both. The surprise has been the amount of free time I now must fill with something productive.

A long time ago, a college professor said I could write, and the same was true of my online tech writing one as well. But I never took it seriously enough to make a go at it. Please support me while I finally take this journey.