Writing is Lonely Work

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Today I realized why I didn’t blog more.  Writing is lonely work at times.  It’s a natural introverted activity-writing comes from within.  Even technical writing requires some solitude-for research, for editing, for the careful turn of a phrase. Thanks to blogging, you do hear from readers and even the occasional troll and spam poster.  I • Read More »


Fall Food

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Apple Holsteiner Cox New Crop

Fall food-apples, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, chili.  Once the calendar turns to October I start thinking about heartier food and memories of cold, damp Octobers where I put on a sweater and as the mornings grew darker,  felt cold and damp breezes on my face.  And when the light finally arose, the cold was accompanied by • Read More »

Old Tech-Last Gasp or Comeback?

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