Can We Heal?

September 12, 2019 | By CarolDuhart2 | Filed in: Uncategorized.

No real  9/11/01 story to tell.  I was up that morning and saw it live, and thanked God that I didn’t know anyone in the towers or on the planes.  For a few moment s I thought that had I been better at accounting, maybe I might have moved to New York and worked in or at least near the towers. But that’s it. 

I hoped that despite my fears,  that somehow enough of our better angels would come through.

Instead we got hate and bigotry and a useless, needless war.

Says it all, doesn’t it? I never really was at peace with this.  From the beginning I thought that Cheney and Bush hijacked our grief.  Instead of having a month of mourning we had braggadocio and warmongering. Instead of reflection, we were told to get back to work without even a week.  There was a Friday ceremony and then…nothing.

Looking back, I think the hijack was to save Bush from the rightful rage at his irresponsible and unfeeling approach during the crisis itself.  When he could have at least been visible, he ran and hid from us.  Yes, he probably was shocked too by what happened, but you know that previous Presidents would have said something instead of running off.  And people were still angry about the stolen election back in January.

Hard to believe we could elect worse, but so far Trump has exceeded him except for his warmongering.  Not a lot of credit on that though.  I think he’s thankfully too lazy to manage a war. But the hate and bigotry has exceeded anything Shrub was even capable of.

While I expected some crazy, if you had told me that the scab would still be rubbed 18 years later, I would not have believed it.  Kennedy’s, and Martin’s and Bobby’s and so many mores assassinations even created riots and great grief. Dozens of buildings were burnt, many people were killed in the ensuing riots. There were days and weeks of calling for calm and some healing.

But while we remember their lives and work, life goes on-on November 22nd, April 4th, and June 5th.  We are not forced to relive every detail-only the conspiracy theorists do that, and there are fewer and fewer of them every year

We have given those days back to the families and prefer to remember their accomplishments and use the energy to work their legacies.  Not September 11th. But giving back those days is necessary for them and for us. For them, so they can have the privacy they need to cry and quietly laugh at memories. Public mourning is hard, too hard to do more than once. Instead, they should be able to just stay home, visit whatever graves there are and sit in a restaurant on the day and laugh about the happy memories without people making hard looks. Us, so that we can do things that honor the legacy and primacy of the deceased, those who survived and much more.

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