Where I have been?

September 6, 2019 | By CarolDuhart2 | Filed in: Uncategorized.

I haven’t abandoned my blogs, just got a major attack of writer’s block. I worked so hard on the building that I got too tired and overwhelmed as far as the writing part-even though compared to deciding on templates and extensions and such, writing is supposed to be easy. It’s not that easy. With applications and the like, there are discrete steps that are already laid out. Writing is drawing from within, and that’s harder, because it’s your self-esteem on the line. Will they like what I wrote? Am I good enough writer? Whatever. But I feel it loosening right now.

Thanks to whoever is still visiting these sites even with no new content. While it’s easy to imagine some big places with hundreds of pages getting hits because one can simply dive deep into archives, a site that doesn’t have that deep dig is even more amazing.

I promise I’ll try to write more often about whatever it is I’m writing about here.

Finally coming to some terms with retirement. I go through this daily. Some days I miss the routine of going to work, actually hustling to get to the bus, and spending a lot of time with people, the push of the work and all of that. Then there are other days that remind me of why I accepted the buyout and left in the first place-like 90 degree days and the fact that I no longer find myself wheezing at my desk.

Sometimes I also miss the money too when there’s something I want that’s big, like say a car or a vacation. I still want both somehow, even if it’s just to run errands or to go to an old college campus or to go to DC on a return trip to see what has changed since 1976.

So welcome, and welcome back to carolduhart.com!

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