About Money and Ads

While this is not a commercial site per se, there are some aspects that involve money. First of all, at townsquare, I have a function that allows people to ask for personal charts. Secondly, all of the sites have a Paypal button and links to my Patreon. And an Amazon link.

I’m hoping these will allow me to have minimal ads on the site. Perhaps I may have an Amazon link at some point

I am not thrilled with the endless pop-ups and banners either, and would like to keep them at a minimum, as they slow down the site. But I am on a fixed income now, and would like to at least pay for hosting (and eventually bandwith) without digging deep into my own pockets. Patreon and Paypal and Amazon could make this possible without a lot of fundraising efforts otherwise. And of course, if you want a chart reading, that will help too.

BTW, thanks to everyone who gives and works with me. I hope to give value equivalent to what you donate/pay for services for.

That’s all for now. Watch this page for any changes.