About Me

I’ve been on the web since 1998, and this concept goes back to about 2000, when I first put together something on the http:// d21c.com (By the way, Domania. net still exists). After decades of not really being able to finish this project, it’s done! (While things are never really done, at least the framework is complete).

I have been a self-taught astrologer for about 50 years. I first started back in high school with the few books available in the school library. (yes, this was hippie times, and a Catholic school library, to boot). At least I learned enough about the Sun Signs back then. In 1976 a friend who was into drugs introduced me to a class that was being held in a now-defunct bookstsore where people actually were being taught astrology. Thanks to the efforts of Morgan Williams and my old mentor and a lot of other people who have long since gone to the Summerland, I had my chart done, and began to learn and teach myself astrology. There was an old radio show on WAIF on Sundays, and I also spoke on the air as well. Well, everything fell apart in 1996 as I began to work nights and needed to sleep days, Morgan kind of disappeared, and my old mentor died of cancer. The group broke up after that, and the show went south after that.

Computers came around at that time, and I couldn’t afford one, so so much for doing charts, and of course, I was unable to participate in newsgroups. (Plus I was always tired). Well things have improved, I’m now retired and regained some of my energy back, and I’m free to work on something other than getting a paycheck.

I love cats. I’m on my third. My first was left with me to care for while I was working with a very demanding person who also had me walk her dog and do office work for her. There were two cats, both black. One died and the other was left with me. Well Pitski was a sweetheart, 13 years old. She lived 6 more years after that. Then came Kirby who came to me when he was eight (and lived to be 16). Now I have Ceres (since 1917), who is currently 16 as well-and active as ever. Ceres is sweet but kind of needy-she was a stray, and I’m the third owner.

As you can see, I love older cats. Older cats are already litterbox trained, used to people and appreciative of whatever affection you give them.

My politics blog is mostly to the left. As a child of the 1960’s I saw from my window some of the turmoil and changes. Watching tanks roll down the street of my neighborhood kind of does that to you. I also learned about the importance of voting from my mother who understood that Democrats supported unions and people actually getting good wages. From older siblings I got copies of both the Final Call, and whatever the Black Panther newspaper was at the time. I got to see the first african-themed artwork as pictures of Africans began to replace the older insurance art stuff. Not to mention attending a worship service at the Muhammad Mosque, having my skirt stolen (I had to have a skirt made for this-people had stopped selling long skirts by then. Then came the end of perms and the introduction of cornrows, afros, and exotic clothes as people discarded the button down look of my early childhood. And of course, the freer literature at the time as people who had never had books published, and the old taboos came down so certain things could be published.

Then backlash drove people into the clubs and away from big organizing. But the freedom remained, and so did the interest in spiritual subjects once hidden behind a glass case, which is why there was a group in 1976-there were books people could read that was written more recently than the table rapping era.

So that’s a lot of my story for now.