The First Post of the Portal

Welcome to my home on the web! This is an eclectic site, to say the least. While there may not be something for everyone, there is a place for a lot of someones here. Because I decided a long time ago not to have my interests scattered all over the web, making it hard to find and even harder to work with. So here are my sites: The Political Blog

General Talk About Astrology Calming videos and soon audio too General reference about astrology-a companion site to the townsquare

Ceres,  my current cat.

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One thought on “The First Post of the Portal

  1. Spent a few minutes talking to Amazon so I could have an Amazon link. It’s under review for now. I used to be an associate in the old days, but never had much luck, and so I was dropped from the program. If Amazon is willing to give me a chance again, there will be an Amazon link. The Patreon link isn’t much now either, but I’m going to revamp and rethink the offers I have there too. Just give me a few days to rework this. There may still be a book of sorts, too.

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