Obama’s Long Game: Cuba

Evening along the Malecon


One of the things that most of us Obamabots have noticed in Obama is his ability to take the long and patient road-and succeed with
impeccable timing. So how does the new opening to Cuba fit into this?

No failed state 90 miles away when the Castro brothers pass
away. One of the problems with the overthrow scenario was that folks don’t give up just because a few exiles show up at Castro’s funeral. The infighting between various factions would and could devastate the island for years and years.And with Cuba so close to America, such an
conflict could easily spill over into America’s streets as Cubans, both
expatriate and on the island, align themselves with various factions and fight for their positions.
Opportunities for U.S businesses, small and large and for everyday Cubans as these businesses will hire locals for various positions and expatriate Americans as managers during the first wave at least. These businesses will also use local resources as well, empowering local entrepreneurs
A more peaceful and progressive Caribbean and South America:as most of the military buildup was due to the horrible proxy wars (Guatemala,
Nicaragua) fought ostensibly to keep Communism- or Cuban influence-or more
likely a more equitable society away. The end of that will allow for better >relations overall. Reformers will be safer-the oligarchs can no longer cry “Communism” in the face of the need for change in the corrupt systems they benefit from. 

A second chance to show that the change from dictatorship to democracy does not mean empowering reactionaries who want to turn the clock back both economically and socially.In partnership with Cuban reformers, we can help Cuba keep its universal benefits, start on the right foot with worker and environmental protections and personal freedoms. Will there be obstacles? There will be. Some hardliners will balk at some of the changes needed to get to a prosperous Cuba, and the loss of some control that will entail. There’s a lot of bitterness due to the funding of violent exiles and assassination attempts-the reason why there has been only limited loosening for personal freedoms. Showing them that free enterprise and national sovereignty are compatible will take good will on all sides. But not every person who wants loosening up wants to overthrow the Government. I suspect the majority want reform, not rebellion, and if the Government reciprocates with a little trust and caring, then change can be beneficial to all concerned.

The hardline exiles have to give up the fantasy that that the Marines will overthrow the Revolution

and they will follow in that wake-and restore the old order both racially and

socially as if 60 years hasn’t changed Cuba. There was a Revolution for a reason, and if they had no answers for the misery then, they certainly have none now, living in the past and out of touch with world opinion and even opinion on the island. Other overthrown oligarchical groups have had to do this: to do this, and it’s time to stop funding their fantasies like Radio/TV Marti, which in a world of flash drive internets is practically useless anyway.

But Obama’s long game will make things worth it. A free and prosperous Cuba is worth it, in peace alone and the further demilitarization of South America.


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