For everyone who has visited this blog today.

First of all, thank you very much. I hope you like the Obama videos I put up yesterday. There will be more video, as I seek to animate tha blog and add more links and and pages. I was surprised at how many there were, even ones that go back to when he was a student at Harvard. And at every turn, Obama comes across as the intelligent,
ethical, and compassionate person he has shown the world. And that being good does not preclude one being an effective leader and political savvy.

I miss Obama very much indeed. It was nice having a genuinely good and competent man running things. He never was embarassing, crude or stupid. At his best he reminded me of the brief time of Kennedy-cultured, smart and knowledgeable. He was Clinton without the skirtchasing. Carter without the sanctimony.

I’m glad he had a successful 8 years-and actually made it the entire 8 years. You all know what I’m talking about. While I felt Obama was too disciplined to involve himself in anything shady, I always wondered if they would make up something to push him out-or worse.

Edit: The Obama Video Haven

  • edp4bho

    Hello Carol, and I am glad to see another blog sharing our sentiments about President Obama. I just noticed your comment at The Obama Diary. Shall be visiting again.


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