Bring Back the Blogs

Twits on Twitter get your head spinning? Worried about Russian/whoever hacking the system?. Think you are responding to bots, trolls, and bigots? Face it, or Facebook, don’t really care about moderatiion or much of anything else. When you give your life to something you don’t really understand or control, you suffer. Social Media’s not the way. Bring back the Blogs.


  • Control of discussion space-no begging for moderation. Do it yourself when there’s a problem.
  • Some things take more than 280/140 characters to explain. Some folks need to be educated. Blogs give experts space to explain in depth. Enough of these, and a reader actually learns something.
  • Blogs can follow the whole story of something from start to finish. Things tend to disappear on Twitter after a few days.
  • Because of its structure, it can actually create a community beyond the blog.


  • No central hub/site to give publicity or instant discussion
  • Can become insular
  • Writing long-form is not for everyone.

And remember, it was blogs that grew the internet and made it grow up.


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