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President HIllary

Following Obama, and supporting him in 2008, I sort of disliked Hillary for her campaigning. She seemed a bit mean at times, and almost racist. But I took a second look at her when she lost, and realized she was not like that at all, but compassionate and passionate about people and the world. I realized that she was simply following the advice of her former husband’s advisers. They were afraid that unless she came across a certain way, she would not be tough enough to be considered Presidential. No woman had ever been truly viable for a Presidential nomination before, and so she followed what was the accepted path.

But when she lost,she and Obama became true partners and friends: I grew to appreciate her loyal and successful service for Obama, and the fact that he had such high regard for her changed my mind considerably. She put in the work and the time and the world was more stable when she was Secretary of State

The Hillary Haven will open on 1/2/2018. A special spot for the Woman who would/should have been President. It’s a membership only forum designed to appreciate and inform about Hillary Clinton. Members only because I’m not interested in spam or people who want to fight/re-fight 2016.

Go away, Bernbots. He’s lying to you if he’s going to run in 2020. He would be 79, and at 79 doesn’t really want to run and become confined to a desk in Washigton. Better to be a gadly in a safe Senate seat. Also he knows he isn’t going to get the kid glove treatment this time. He’d be called out pretty quick in a field of Dem rivals.

And the Trumpers are also jonesing for a rematch, or failing that, they need Hillary to lead the resistance in order to get their hate on. And Hillary isn’t auditioning to be that Leader either. They can’t really indulge in Hillary Hate and stir up the sexists if all she’s doing is signing books (BTW she has a lot of them already, and will be writing more, I bet)

Hillary isn’t going to run because she realizes she had two shots already, and she’s 70 and doesn’t want to be compared to John McCain in age wise. She’s made history, and everyday is proving why she should have been President in the first place.

Nor does she want to get in the way of the activists who are fighting Trumpism and some Bernbot stuff. Celebrity tends to overpower at times. People tend to pay attention to the celebrity, not the cause, and her presence does just that.

And I have a feeling that she’s going to be more significant to the world than she would have been as President anyway. She would have spent all her time batting off the crazies and not on her agenda. While batting off the crazies is important, it’s no way to get things advanced.

She will find advancement in being free to work on those things she loves without worrying about votes.

Her loss will make a make a million flowers bloom and revive the democracy she holds dear.

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Joseph, Mary, and Alabama Republicans

About Jesus, Mary and Joseph and early marriage: Back then life was hard, hard, hard. There was no safety net or school. Girls were married off early to older men who had finally accumulated enough wealth to care for other people because that was the only alternative. Boys were also farmed out at 15 in order to work the farm or be an apprentice and they too were exploited. And there were no doubt male creepers who also exploited their “farmhands” for that too. And even then, it was considered the best of bad options. Literature is a good indication: think of all the stories about older men going off to find their wives had fallen for younger men who at least paid attention to them, or the stories about older men who were suddenly found dead-widowhood was better than living with a creep. Guinevere/Lancelot/Arthur, for example. Or a fair amount of Shakespeare or other plays with the stories of cuckolded or even murdered older husbands. “The Merry Widow” was merry because she was still young and had all the money in the world with no need (at least for a while) to marry. And it wasn’t always apparent, especially in the days before modern forensics and medicine, that the widow wasn’t a natural widow either.

So Mary had no choice but to marry Joseph. Now she may have liked him, (and remember, according to the stories that are being retold this season, was a virgin) so Joseph wasn’t creeping on her, being an honorable man. But that was 2000 years ago. What other practices have we advanced beyond in a couple of millenia? Blood sacrifices in the temple? Crucifixion? Chariot races and fights in the Coliseum? We let go of those practices without regret because we grew out of them and because there were better options and because the collective consciousness evolved enough (that word that freaks out Alabama Republicans) that we were no longer willing the accept the suffering and cruelty as a necessary price for whatever benefits they conferred. Child marriage is now going the same way and soon will be looked at the same way, as bad practices that are no longer tolerable ,and will not be missed either once it finally goes away.

And the Republicans in Alabama who defend this creep, have their brains fallen out of their heads? Do they have daughters, and would they want a 32 year old guy creeping on them if they were 14 year olds? The hypocrisy reeks like a dumpster that hasn’t been cleaned out in weeks.

I know this much: if a 32-year old man had exploited me in the way Moore had, they would just now be finding his body. Mom didn’t play. “Please Mrs. Johnson, can you at least tell us where you buried him so we could give him a proper burial?”

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Willie Horton Doesn’t Work Anymore-At Least Not In Virginia


A lot has changed since 1989 and Willie Horton, as was seen last night in NJ and Virginia. Some of it’s demographic. The suburbs around the cities-and the cities themselves-have become browner, blacker and more diverse over all. As access to better housing has grown, the formerly Republican suburbs have become more and more Democratic.

But last night-in Virginia, New Jersey, and all over in local races-where racist fearmongering was a tactic, the Republicans lost badly. Hate just isn’t a winner like it used to be in anywhere that’s competitive. It’s hard to make it work when the scary foreigners, black people, and gays are neighbors who often work in the next cubicle and live on the next block. It’s hard to really make it work after Obama’s success in the Presidency. If a black man can do a terrific job as President, having the Muslim neighbor as your Mayor just isn’t scary. Or a gay man who promises that as a member of the State Assembly, he will make sure that the toxic site gets cleaned up

Racist fearmongering became like crack to the Republican party-highly addictive and replacing substance. No need to talk about matters that ordinary people care about like health care, good roads, schools, or just getting along. As long as you can scare enough Fox-watchers to the polls, you didn’t have to actually govern. But Republicans forgot there’s another side to the election. Those people who are being fearmongered about are voters too. And these days there are enough of them to actually vote out the bigots. And the people who are tired of the negative campaigning and not having their needs met are now joining him. People know enough about Democrats to know that they take governing seriously enough to do a good job and care about everyone, not just a handful of church goers. So the Republicans lost badly last night-and until they give up the bigots-will lose even more.

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The Hillary Haven


Tonight I created what may be only one of two forums. One is Hillary Haven, to centralize all the things that Hillary is doing now, and the other might be something on the lines of better voting and better liberal media. I used to have forums before but keeping up with them is hard to do without help. So they will be closed until January 1st when I can take more time.

They will be membership forums-people will have to formally join them after the first comment. And they will be moderated forums as well.

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HIllary, Tea Drinking, Cats, and No Worries This Weekend


While we are all waiting to see who does the perp walk this weekend, there is one woman who isn’t worried about about one. Our Hillary. For all of the talk about Uranium One, Benghazi, and just being “That Woman” it’s clear that the investigations turned up nothing. And were so thorough they covered everything. There are no more questions that can be asked, but not for lack of trying by the endless committees.

It’s clear that the triple somersaults by Trump is being done to muddy the waters and hopefully find the unfindable.

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Bring Back the Blogs

Twits on Twitter get your head spinning? Worried about Russian/whoever hacking the system?. Think you are responding to bots, trolls, and bigots? Face it, or Facebook, don’t really care about moderatiion or much of anything else. When you give your life to something you don’t really understand or control, you suffer. Social Media’s not the way. Bring back the Blogs.


  • Control of discussion space-no begging for moderation. Do it yourself when there’s a problem.
  • Some things take more than 280/140 characters to explain. Some folks need to be educated. Blogs give experts space to explain in depth. Enough of these, and a reader actually learns something.
  • Blogs can follow the whole story of something from start to finish. Things tend to disappear on Twitter after a few days.
  • Because of its structure, it can actually create a community beyond the blog.


  • No central hub/site to give publicity or instant discussion
  • Can become insular
  • Writing long-form is not for everyone.

And remember, it was blogs that grew the internet and made it grow up.

daily politics

For everyone who has visited this blog today.

First of all, thank you very much. I hope you like the Obama videos I put up yesterday. There will be more video, as I seek to animate tha blog and add more links and and pages. I was surprised at how many there were, even ones that go back to when he was a student at Harvard. And at every turn, Obama comes across as the intelligent,
ethical, and compassionate person he has shown the world. And that being good does not preclude one being an effective leader and political savvy.

I miss Obama very much indeed. It was nice having a genuinely good and competent man running things. He never was embarassing, crude or stupid. At his best he reminded me of the brief time of Kennedy-cultured, smart and knowledgeable. He was Clinton without the skirtchasing. Carter without the sanctimony.

I’m glad he had a successful 8 years-and actually made it the entire 8 years. You all know what I’m talking about. While I felt Obama was too disciplined to involve himself in anything shady, I always wondered if they would make up something to push him out-or worse.

Edit: The Obama Video Haven

Tales of the Resistance

#GrabYourWallet-Boycott the Trump Crime Family

Don’t want to march? Donald Trump is determined to grab every dollar not nailed down. Both he and his daughter have hotels, clothing, and other gear to sell. How crass. Did Thomas Jefferson sell snuff boxes? Did Teddy Roosevelt sell signature teddy bears? Truman refused corporate seats in his post Presidency life, which is why eventually Congress started awarding Presidential Pensions so that Presidents could have a decent living after they served without having to make decisions based on how he would make a living afterwards.

Even if Trump was the most progressive President possible, with Lincoln’s humanity and FDR’s charity, it’s a bad idea. But when Trump adds bigotry and sexism to the usual Republican delusions about the poor and war, it’s even worse. Don’t pay for that with your consumer dollars. Let his deplorables come up with $600 a night for his no-doubt-bugged hotel rooms. I wouldn’t save my breath waiting for them to do so, any more than coal mining jobs coming back.

To find out what to avoid, go Grab Your Wallet

If we work hard enough, maybe Ivanka will have to actually be a First Lady instead of treating it as a side gig ripping off Americans and gullible foreigners who think the Trumps are actually a classy American family. And if we work even harder, perhaps Trump will have to divest at a loss..


Tales of the Resistance

After doing the Spreadsheet, I realized that I had a real hunger for hearing about what’s being done to organize and resist all over the country and all over the world. So from now on, I’m going to collect and post as many stories about this as I can. And I’m also going to go through the spreadsheet to look for places I can highlight as well. Those are stories too.

The first one is Priorities USA. According to Political Wire. The effort to elect Hillary is morphing into becoming a center of Democratic opposition to the Trump Agenda. An organization that is well-funded, already running, and has support from major Democratic donors will be a needed center of gravity as we move forward.

New Priorities USA Site


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