A Blog Fundraiser and Update

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Welcome to everyone who has come by and want articles. As you can see, I’m also having a gofundmeraiser so that I can have updated software and possibly a new (or newer) computer. I really want to resume blogging more frequently, but the free astrological software I was using really isn’t compatible with Windows 7, and $150 software is a bit of a stretch at this point with my other bills.

Solar Fire looks good, but I wouldn’t mind Astrology for Windows upgrades so that I can do several charts at once.

I’ve been doing this astrology thing since 1976, but for various reasons I’ve never done clients. (Maybe that Saturn rising has something to do with it-or working jobs that have left me with not a lot of working capital, either)

Why Is it called saturnreturnblog? Well I just had it last Christmas Day. I was wondering if anything terrible was going to happen. What did happen has been a greater desire to share what I know with the world and to bring older concerns to a close. I’ve reached the “Sage” part of my life and want to be an elder of sorts. But previous limitations have taken their toll.

The goal is $1000. I figure this would be enough for software and a computer that is less than 3 years old and a couple of years of hosting fees.

So any contribution is appreciated towards my goal of astrological self-sufficiency and proficiency.

Thans in Advance,


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