So We Have Orange Cheeto Now

Not happy about the outcome at all, of course. #NotMyPresident until at least 2020. I’ll be less happy dealing with a pair of Geminis with their ever-changing proclamations, mood swings, personnel changes and the like.


It’s no accident that we have only had 2 Gemini Presidents. Daddy Bush served one term. While more focused than Cheeto, he was never really trusted because he was considered too flexible for a more ideological party, too intellectual, and too superficial at the same time. He lost the confidence of his party and lost in 1992. Kennedy was lost tragically, but he couldn’t get a lot of his initiatives through while he was living. It took Virgo LBJ with this methodical approach to deal-making to get things done.

This is not an impressive chart at all. We have a Saturn/Uranus/Jupiter T-Square, a weakly aspected Sun/Moon square, and a full 11th House (Legislature) rather than Executive (10th House)

A Blog Fundraiser and Update

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Welcome to everyone who has come by and want articles. As you can see, I’m also having a gofundmeraiser so that I can have updated software and possibly a new (or newer) computer. I really want to resume blogging more frequently, but the free astrological software I was using really isn’t compatible with Windows 7, and $150 software is a bit of a stretch at this point with my other bills.

Solar Fire looks good, but I wouldn’t mind Astrology for Windows upgrades so that I can do several charts at once.

I’ve been doing this astrology thing since 1976, but for various reasons I’ve never done clients. (Maybe that Saturn rising has something to do with it-or working jobs that have left me with not a lot of working capital, either)

Why Is it called saturnreturnblog? Well I just had it last Christmas Day. I was wondering if anything terrible was going to happen. What did happen has been a greater desire to share what I know with the world and to bring older concerns to a close. I’ve reached the “Sage” part of my life and want to be an elder of sorts. But previous limitations have taken their toll.

The goal is $1000. I figure this would be enough for software and a computer that is less than 3 years old and a couple of years of hosting fees.

So any contribution is appreciated towards my goal of astrological self-sufficiency and proficiency.

Thans in Advance,


Looking For Writers and Insomnia

Sleepy and sleepless at 12:33 am EDT-looking for writers as well-people who are long-term interested in astrology to be co-authors of this blog and perhaps even this site as well. If interested, please email me at carolduhart07 at Please add writer to your header so I know you are interested in writing. And if you have published elsewhere, also let me know as well.

While I write too-I’m interested in creating community-hopefully a stable one that likes to talk. I’ve been inspired by the Daily Kos, and for years I have hoped to create something similar to that-but never had the means to do so before.

After nearly 14 years, this seems to be the time to really launch as well.

The Future of Astrology

In one sense, astrology has benefited from the internet revolution. Blogging has freed many from the need to somehow appease media gatekeepers to get a snippet of time. And blogging allows us to get ample time to do long-form explanations of what we mean. It also has allowed more obscure branches of astrology a space, like Vedic or Evolutionary Astrology to be. There’s software that frees us from long sessions of calculations. There’s online ephemerides.

But there’s something missing: growth. Steven Forrest estimates that there are about 100 million Americans who believe in astrology and about $200 million is spent on astrological material. So why isn’t it growing more? I think it’s because we haven’t really embraced the technology like we should. I’ve seen a lot of astrological sites and blogs. Where’s the community? Where’s the podcast and other materials? Perhaps we have atomized ourselves too much. Maybe there’s too many blogs and not enough community. There’s no portal site that people think-“that’s the place for astrology” or an apparent way for novices to actually get into the astrological swing of things.

What should be done about this?

You Can Comment Now

Anyone can comment now. Those buttons below allow you to comment while using your social media now. You only have to register to use the forums. To find them, check out the Groups section first. There’s a forum for each group. Just find the one you are interested in and register as a user to access all of them (I’m assuming you can check out all of the forums and join all the groups)+

I’m working on that glossary now, so if you need the definition of a term used, just check the sidebar-it’s going to be massive once it’s done-that is, before it becomes a local wiki and then transforms into a collaborative project where other writers can add material here.

Correction: they are social sharing buttons-you can share on Facebook, et al. I will intall the right plugins tonight so that you can commment here….Thankfully there’s no real traffic yet to create a problem. But you can login on this site using your social media credentials…but for me to see and respond takes some work.

The First Post Since the Relaunch

Well, I had to take down the old blog-nothing really worked on it, and it didn’t look all that good anyway. So I decided that a rebuild was in order. So I reinstalled BuddyPress and created three Groups. Now to join Group Discussions, you will have to register for those. Those are meant for extended discussions beyond the blog posts-and even  the blog posts could be fodder for discussion topics as well.

But I’m keeping those separate. You can comment on the blog w/o joining the groups. (For Now)

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