Walk By The Sea-Waves On the Shore

I’ve never been to the coastline, but I still find the sound of ocean waves relaxing and healing. So walk along the beach with me (virtual), pick up the shells from the beach and driftwood, hear the gulls cry and look out over the endless horizon.


Now a few notes about this blog. First of all, none of these videos are mine. So special thanks goes out to those who have the equipment, endurance and patience to make them. Secondly, you may have noticed how long these videos are and wonder how you can listen to them all p>Continue reading Walk By The Sea

The Four Elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

In ancient lore, there were four basic elements: earth, wind, fire and water. While there are a larger table of elements for scientific purposes, people are still moved by the basics. These videos (and accompanying subject matter) are arranged accordingly.

An Annual Rant

An Annual Rant. I hate Daylight Savings Time. Messes with the mind and body for at least a few days. My suggestion is if we have to have it, I would set the days for June 21st (Beginning of Summer) and the first day of Fall (September 21st).Make it a true Summer Time (like the British do) when the weather is warm and truly sunny, instead of risking us having to get up, grumpily, when the weather is still cold and gray.

Does anyone think that saving light is really a justification anymore? Back when DST was made national (1967), p>Continue reading An Annual Rant

The Sounds of Nature (Birds)

The Sounds of Nature (Birds)

Ever wake up to the sound of singing birds, and felt immediately cheered by the sound? You Tube is like opening up a window on a cool summer morning, just before and just after sunrise, before the traffic ramps up. Perhaps this is a country house, but still, it’s before the tractors have revved up, before the cows have left the barn, before the sound of chores have broken the silence. To those mornings. These YouTube Videos are just a sample of what you could hear by just opening a window in the early morning.

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A Retreat and Relaxation Place

Over the months I’ve begun to think that what is needed is a site on the internet that is partly a place for healing, partly a place for serentiy, party a place for fun. The Lounge is just that. The other two blogs are for more serious stuff like politics and astrology and stuff. It’s a place for bunnies, rainbows and sleep therapy, a place for hypnosis, for delta waves, for beautiful scenery to walk on. Some examples of this:

A Hidden Gem of YouTube

One day, looking for sleep music, I ran across a 3 hour jazz compilation. And discovered one of YouTube’s best kept secrets: The multihour compilations of good music. Sometimes they are greatest hits collections, sometimes they are specially created for relaxation, concentration, whatever. So here’s a few I have liked:

The Sneakernet

There’s more to this blog than the Obama Legacy. For one thing, the activities probably won’t start up for another year. So I’m also going to do Sneakernet-under the net. What’s Sneakernet? It’s a little bit more than just the computer- a little bit less than completely connected at all times to the cloud-it’s external hard drives, it’s flash drives, its brute force computing where people use slightly older tech to communicate. It’s poor people’s computing, in other words. This section is inspired by a lot of things: Cuba’s way of getting what they need by hand to hand p>Continue reading The Sneakernet

The SOTU: State of the Future

(Full State of the Union Video)

(Community College)

(I won both of them”) While many people have conceded that Obama probably will not get much of his agenda voted into law, one thing people haven’t taken in

account is this: how much of this will be enacted into law at the state level? We’ve already had votes for legal pot, minimum wage

and All passed on a local level. So his agenda is popular elsewhere in

the nation-it wins elections. But we heard nothing from Democrats running on the national level about these issues. Instead they ran

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A Little Poll

A little poll about the Obama Library is today’s post. What are your ideas about it, and where do you think it should be?

Hawaii is warm, beautiful, and the location would be on the beach somewhere. But it’s inaccessible to the average citizen, being Hawaii. And land is at a premium there, which makes expansion complicated.

Chicago is cold, but accessible to anyone who can drive there. Land’s cheaper, so it can be larger and grow if needed. Plus such a project would re-invigorate a neighborhood in the same way that Clinton’s did for a riverside spot in Little p>Continue reading A Little Poll

53 Historians on Obama’s Legacy


53 historians on Obama’s Legacy.

One thing the article leaves out that may shape the perception: barring disaster, Obama will have years afterwards to shape his legacy and build on his accomplishments outside the Presidency. In that sense, Obama is unusual. Most Presidents are elected in their mid-50’s (Shrub was 54), and as a result at the end of their term(s), they take on a life of retirement-golfing, giving speeches, and taking it easy. And retirement has been hard for most Presidents in my lifetime. Eisenhower golfed but was very ill, Kennedy never lived to see one, LBJ p>Continue reading 53 Historians on Obama’s Legacy