The Musical Side of the Slow Lane


The Cats Chorus

When I was a kid, our music station played Gospel and live Church Services on Sunday morning.  But on Sunday Afternoons, it was Jazz. I remember sitting in the car on those afternoons in the park, listening raptly to whatever jazz came through the speakers.  And trying later to get WNOP, with its tiny daytime reception when I could, and cursing the fact that it was the last to sign off at dusk.  (Yes, Gen X and later people, there was a time when radio stations actually had to sign off because of the technology and the allocated spectrum space).

After WNOP gave up the ghost,  Sunday Afternoons became Classical Music, Reggae, and later, Space Music.  Each a path to serenity and cool Sunday Afternoons.

So instead of having these videos lost in the mix, I’m going to do pages with these.  That way people who want the musical side of this can more easily find them.