I decided, after a long day, to create an online retreat, a place where one can retreat from the stress of the Information Superhighway.  So I started looking for sleep videos, and found so many…..

So much so I decided to transform an unfocused blog into this.

A lot of these are natural sounds-wind, rain, crackling fires.  But I also have electronica and sounds not found in nature (some people prefer a humming fan)

Many of the videos are 2-8 hours long-and now there are a few streaming links that are 24/7, so that people can sleep or de-stress anytime.

To find them, click the links on the bar above.  Fire-for fireplaces, candles, Yule logs and much more.  Water-rivers, thunderstorms, train.  Earth-medieval and old style music and whatever earth sounds.  Air-breezes, bird songs  Miscellaneous-electronica, white noise and anything that doesn’t fit in the other categories.

Now none of these videos are mine, or hosted by me.  so if you can, please click through and show the makers some appreciation for their hard work in whatever way they see fit.