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Why are These Pages called "Townsquare"?

Behind all these pages is the idea of eventually creating community. Open to all, perhaps contributed to all. A real community that's interactive and easy to access by both practitioners and students.

These are also the supplemental pages to the blog. These are reference pages so that people can look up a term and find out what it is. One some astrology boards, a newcomer can get lost among all of the terminology. Which is a problem online. unlike me who learned at meetings where if I wasn't sure of a term, I could just ask the person next to mean what they meant.

Astrology is "astro" stars-and "logos"-word. In short, "word of the stars" as my late mentor once told me-astrology is a language-a language that uses the movement of the stars to explain the "course of human events". A language is not a religion. While it assumes a starting point, astrology is agnostic about the cause of it all. Which is why there are practitioners of all religions, philosophies, and some who are indifferent to that and simply use it as a timing mechanism, a source of sociogical insight, or even historical detail.

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