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Pisces, the last sign of the Tropical Zodiac, is where people take the next step into the spiritual Beyond: having gone through the 12 stages of growth and maturity, Pisces now wants to take that growth and use it to become the Sage that in turn imparts wisdom to the next generation. This means that instead of endlessly repeating the basic lessons in life, a person can skip those and go to a higher plane of responsibility. "From Servitude to Service". In servitude, one may be a slave to one's desires, to those who ask for things to be done without asking Service is a freely chosen vocation- to serve humanity rather than one's masters, one's needs and desires, one's own narrow group. It is work done to elevate without expectation of reward or even recognition. Pisces covers the last stage of life, the summing up of the human experience George Washington, the first official President was more Pisces. While keeping the forms of religion (he was an Episcopalian), he was also a deist and a Mason. Such beliefs allow for an "inner light" approach to religion. Such an approach allows for tolerance, as each person is free to find God in whatever form they feel is best and at the level they are most comfortable with. He also was Piscean in that he saw the Presidency as a form of service, and in that he refused a crown that no doubt would have set him up quite financially (He had his share of economic issues). He felt that no one should be President for life, and believed strongly in the Republic. James Madison leaned towards deism, rather than a professed religion. This may have led him to support the Bill of Rights, especially the First Amendment that separated church from state. Author of the Constitution, and protege of Thomas Jefferson, he set the stage for a more divided government than we would have otherwise had. Andrew Jackson, despite his fiery exterior, loved his Rachel dearly, loved the Union equally deeply. Grover Cleveland according to Wikipedia at least seems to have been a real reactionary-opposed to labor, women's suffrage, relief for farmers and veterans. In addition he was against women's suffrage. His legacy? William Jennings Bryan as the opposition in his own Democratic Party went to a fever pitch.

Ohio March 1, 1803

Nebraska March 1, 1867

Republic of Texas 2 March 1836-1845

Vermont March 4, 1791

Maine March 15, 1820

Saint Lucia February 22, 1979

Dominican Republic 27 February 1844

Bosnia and Herzegovina March 1, 1992

Ghana March 6, 1957

Lithuania March 11, 1990

Mauritius March 12, 1968

Italy (Prewar) 17 March 1861-1946

Morocco March 20, 1956













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