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Capricorn-not quite the gladhandler as Leo, so he leads by facilitating those who are out in public. Indeed, they can often come across as a bit reserved rather than the big hugger type. It creates difficulty in a political/social world built more for hugger Cancers and back-slapping Leos and Libra charmers. Also, traditional often means following social norms to the letter-which may be slightly out of date.

Capricorn is traditional even while rebelling. Think Elvis and Martin Luther King for a bit. They wanted to expand the system, not overturn it, which made them a bit stodgy to those who thought the whole thing needed to be burned down. Why? Capricorns believe in the untapped potential of the system to do better, and unless it fails or isn't that anymore would rather reform it.

Capricorn is ambitious, looking for the top of the mountain, the big achievement, the capstone to a career. Sometimes it pushes Cappy to the front of the line simply because of that ambition. Nixon probably would have been happy as someone who created something that was powerful, and let someone else take the slings and arrows of public acclaim. He was never really good at it, as history shows.

Capricorn is one of the "old" signs, seemingly more mature even when young. Part of it is the responsiblity that often falls on Capricorn pretty early, another is the ambition that draws one away from home and even nation.

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