What is Uranus? Uranus is the inventor who harnesses the power of natural processes and creates machines that liberate millions from heavy toil and ignorance. It's the Teslas, the Wright Brothers, and the Steve Jobs who listen to a call others can't quite hear. It's the gender bender who refuses to conform for the sake of acceptance and frees other people to be more themselves. Uranus performs the necessary function of sweeping away the stale, the stiff, the overly conforming. Usually the tools are technological/ideological innovations that connect people to the outside world. Before 1781, most people were locked both physically and mentally in small (Gemini/Mercury) spaces. While there were books and pamphlets, only a few could read-and books not approved by the local powers that be could only be kept in secret. Soon afterwards new technology arrives that is liberating: steam engine the telegraph, the auto. People began contacting people who came from elsewhere, and went elsewhere. People began to realize that the King (and his minions) didn't know everything, that some places were better than others. Folks began to revolt, feeling that such ignorant people weren't good enough to rule anymore. Of course, it wasn't just monarchy: it was also religion. People began to feel that their opinions and lives matter, and simply looking for the afterlife wasn't an answer to their troubles.

It's 84-year arc, 7 years in a sign, is the cycle of innovation, restlessness*. In a personal chart it's where a person feels the most need for freedom.

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